Our Facilities

3-story building with a total space of 4000 square meters

To ensure successful implementation of the work we maintain our own soil investigation & survey equipment, laboratory test equipment, and first aid medical facilities.

Our head office consists of 3-story building with a total space of four thousand square meters which also houses our soil/rock laboratory and warehouse.

Our Equipment:

  • 60 to 300 m Capacity Drilling Rigs
  • 2.5 to 10 ton Cone Penetration Test Penetrometers
  • Electrical Cone Penetration Test with Pore Pressure Measurement
  • Hand Boring Equipments
  • Field Vane Shear Test (Acker and Geonor Type Test Equipment)
  • In-Situ Permeability Test
  • In-Place California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test
  • In-Place Density and Compaction Control Tests
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA)
  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
  • Digital Water Level Meter
  • Total Station Theodolite
  • Real Time Kinematic GPS
  • Odom Hydrotrac II 200 kHz echo sounder
  • Automatic Water Level Recorder
  • Nondestructive and Non-Nuclear Soil Density Test
  • Nondestructive and Non-Nuclear Hot-Mixed Asphalt Pavement Quality Test